Best Camera Rental Companies In Bangalore

Today’s digital era has certainly tried to level the playing fields between professionals, amateurs or hobbyists across any industry or genre. But in some ways, the playing field has become relatively unbalanced as well, visible through the filmmaking or photography industry, for example. We know the difference between shots from a friend’s DSLR camera and those from our smartphone.

Given it is quite expensive to own a decent DSLR camera, many players are filling this budget-gap by offering cameras for rental in Bengaluru. Whether it is for a nature shoot in a city blessed with beautiful destinations around it, or for a corporate documentary, the requirements are diverse and the demand is huge. Here is a quick list to find the best company to Rent DSLR cameras in Bangalore for your creative visual requirements, according to the budget of your choice:

1. Royal Camera

As grand as their name, so is their level of service and range of equipment. Royal Cameras are rated very well in terms of all the major elements that go into photography rentals: quick response, 24×7 service, camera operating demonstrations and economic pricing.

2. Wlend

This rental platform has acquired a name for being trustworthy, delivering on promises (timely pick-up & drop facilities), and quality equipment. However, according to Little Black Book, this website would appeal more to amateur photographers, given their limited collection. They lend cameras, GoPros, accessories, and lenses.

3. Toehold

This service offers broader services like photography training, photography tours along with rental equipment. Reviews state they offer personalized and satisfactory services but are priced relatively higher given their range of models from mid to high-budget equipment for anyone’s next assignment that requires a step up from their current product range.

4. Tapprs

Another reputed service is Tapprs which seems to tick a lot of the pro boxes for sure, as their range of relatively high-end cameras allows you to take them on a shoot. or you could test any equipment you are looking to purchase. Some of their bestselling equipment include the Canon 5D Mark IV and Nikon 850D.

5. Vcams

This company comes with excellent user ratings. Beyond the usual set of features offered, users commend Vcams for going above and beyond, delivering equipment to tenant’s shoot locations, along with offering training to get the most out of new products rented by them. Interestingly, they also serve customers 24×7.

6. Shutterspace

This is another rental service in Bengaluru popularly known for being one of the most affordable among a host of rental vendors in the city. Despite being price-friendly, Shutterspace ranks high as they do not fall behind on bringing in equipment upgrades, maintaining equipment or ensuring timely delivery to users.

7. Pixception

The portal offers personalized options to its customers, like wallet-friendly EMI options or arranging alternative camera options when a particular camera is unavailable. These are interesting features for users of Pixception. Additionally, the company scores well towards providing customized options to users preparing for special occasions.

8. OTOWorld

This portal is a tech-aided platform not just for photography related-equipment like cameras for rental in Bengaluru, but for high-end, film-grade video equipment as well. It also offers additional advantages over other rental firms, given it is a marketplace for owners and borrowers to lend or Rent DSLR cameras in Bangalore. Now, individual lenders or borrowers, production companies or even other rental companies could make money by lending or renting camera equipment in Bangalore. Since, many rental companies are onboarded, the extent of gear available on OTO World is very huge. To summarise, it is a one-stop-shop for anyone’s filmmaking or still-photo creative needs, making it the best camera rental company in Bangalore. Also, OTO World is one if the very few companies offering 24×7 booking and delivery services across Bangalore.

9. RentSher

The name suggests the service offers multiple product categories for rent, from medical supplies to a host of DSLR cameras and accessories. With their scale of operations, they are known as being responsive to user concerns or queries, including quick delivery of cameras or finding product alternatives for specific user requirements.

10. QwikGear

This website has invested in a range of camera equipment in Bengaluru, from DSLRs to lenses. They are also one of the few vendors to provide GoPro equipment (specialty range) along with a vast, yet carefully selected accessory list which has catered to multiple film shooting requirements. Their customers widely appreciate QwikGear’s services.

11. Book My Lens

This portal has a few features working well for it, to ensure customer delight: they go out of their way to replace damaged or non-functional equipment and have a broad range of lenses from Canon and Nikon. Book My Lens also has an easy-to-navigate site that allows quick search and booking of products.

12. Pixellin

This service organizes workshops and tours for photography professionals and industry veterans. Therefore, with diverse services, they took the next step towards loaning users their equipment. Although relatively new, their service and equipment portfolio is competitive. Even the owner sometimes steps into the shoes of his associate to fulfil rental requests.

13. Yaty

The website is well-designed and is aimed at attracting key prospects looking for tailored outcomes from their shooting efforts. Yaty has been branded as up-market but lends quality products across mid to high-price across a host of equipment. Their users popularly recognize their assistance in technical knowledge and getting the best from their devices.

14. Mutterfly

An upcoming startup, Mutterfly offers a range of products steered towards creative output at events or special occasions. They allow users to lend and borrow equipment, but their camera portfolio is relatively limited, although their service is quite good, based on user reviews tracked.

15. Felis Creations

Seems like we have kept one of the best for the last. A highly reputed firm, they come with experience in shooting documentaries, working with the likes of Nat Geo or BBC, and offering wildlife photography tours and shoots. Their customer ratings are great, except for a few critical reviews about their service.

Equipment: Cameras, tripods, drones, cranes lenses and accessories.

16. Wildclickz

With considerable visibility across the city, this portal offers a wide range of photography and videography equipment for the city’s diverse needs. Although they come with many advantages including minimal document requirements, they could do well with more consistent service, especially as few reviews come down hard on their haphazard service.

17. Lensowl

The service is known for going out of their way to serve customers well, proved through numerous reviews that talk about how they drive superior experiences. Not just are they knowledgeable beyond cameras into safari trips and shooting, but they widely share the knowledge with their customers.

18. Vision Clicks

This firm has established a name for offering equipment at very reasonable prices, opening up the market for them. Even though the prices are discounted, they do not compromise on both the quality of equipment as well as the maintenance aspect. They have a lot of things going on well for them, including timely service and a range of equipment.


The hiring or sharing economy is rapidly growing, as people become more aware, develop aspirations to capture memories for a lifetime or gain business advantage by promoting their products or services through visual formats. Few of you have career ambitions to become Instagram or social media stars. Therefore, you use your spare time to experiment, capture and collect a potpourri of projects to see which clicks and grow your skills in that arena.

Whatever be your requirement, we can almost guarantee that there is a service offering rental camera equipment in Bangalore. The services allow you to easily access their product portfolio via an app, a website or a call center number. Besides, with easy delivery options, tracking mechanisms in equipment, along with social media or review sites making customer care a critical part of operations, and you can be assured that you can get the best value from your investment (money and time).

OTOWorld offers a marketplace to borrow, lend and network with like-minded professionals. Review our product range or call our experts to recommend the best set for your next shoot.

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