5 Beginner Hacks to Ace Video Production on A Budget in India

Did you know that 64% of consumers purchase something after watching a branded social video? Around the world, 51% of marketing professionals vote video as the medium with the best ROI. Producing killer videos today is not a tough task, thanks to online video equipment rental platforms like OTO world, where you could rent DSLR camera in Bangalore to shoot/edit your videos.

There are numerous examples of people on a shoestring budget who fought against the odds and made it big through the power of video through consistency in output through smart moves like hiring video equipment on rent. Think about Youtube stars or small-budget filmmakers now directing headline-making projects. Today’s technology and affordable equipment have lowered the bar of entry, and you stand a great chance to make it big as well.

Whether you are a corporate marketer looking to support business growth, A small-time filmmaker or an NGO looking to share a rags-to-riches video series, this blog will help you get started and release your video in record time:

1. Understanding Production and Optimizing Its Phases

Production is the backbone of video-making and becomes critical to get it right. Pre-production involves stages like storyboarding, scripting, and collective brainstorming to work towards the final draft. For those reading this in the south, it could also mean planning how to rent camera equipment in Bangalore. The mid and final phase, also called production week and release is the most hectic of all and must be supported with help from project management or collaboration apps to organize work and stay on track with the schedule. Getting comfortable with the production phase and mastering the process will help close tasks faster, or manage unexpected scenarios well. There are multiple tools and resources online, some of which are free, to get started and manage your project, such as making home videos look professional.

2. Having A Studio (Or Studio Partner)

Until virtual reality becomes mainstream, video production will heavily depend on the environment or the location for the shoot. Bypass the need to always rent an expensive studio for the client’s expectations by using your creativity to get the job done. For example, if you have a spare room at home, paint it white and set up a couple of screens or reflectors with your video equipment on rent to get professional-grade output. Or rent a large room nearby, take a trip to the nearby park or museum and set up your rig. Use natural lighting or get Photography lighting equipment from OTO world at low cost. Connect with studios in your locality and get discounted rates with them for special shoots. Video cameras for rent in Bangalore-like metros could now be offered by studios near you as well.

3. Renting Well-Serviced, Quality Equipment & Accessories

Getting your hands on the best equipment you can afford must be the most critical activity you undertake before you decide to go full-steam ahead with video production. Consider it as purchasing a car: you would spend a little extra than what you can afford. But we weren’t talking about purchasing equipment, rather renting the most relevant set required for a successful shoot. To rent camera equipment in Bangalore, there are some good rental companies like OTO World offering a range of well-serviced equipment to fit your needs (and your budget as well). Get the best deals even for camera accessories, and do not compromise on audio equipment, which is equally important in the overall process along with all the other video & photography items you might rent.

4. Use Online Video Editing And Production Software

This stage is similar to the phase after a honeymoon. You’ve been on cloud nine going places, managing production and shooting all the right shots. But when you put the thumb drive into your computer, you would be shocked at the size of the B-roll, or see a text with a plan change for output that the client now requires. Reality usually kicks in at this stage, also called post-production. Thankfully, don’t go solo now. Just like how you took video equipment on rent or found a rental Gopro in Bangalore, chances are you would already have a decent video editing tool on you (for no cost). Remember the latest video editing features on your iPhone’s OS or Moviemaker or iMovie (for Mac users)? It’s a great way to get started. Although, don’t stop there. Find a host of video creation tools, some of which you could trial and then purchase, or some which are downright free. Or work with your team to rent key online services together, that will bring in 2x or 3x of business to cover the cost.

5. Be Street Smart. Find New Business

Production involves several steps, some of which are trivial and some, critical. None of them can be missed though. If you are passionate about converting your hobby into a serious business empire (don’t limit your dreams), find ways to get the work done simpler, better and faster. Use your friend’s spare time to showcase or improve their acting skills. Join social groups to find new projects and income sources. Start a small website and target people searching for terms like ‘DSLR camera on rent near me‘ on Google, and partner with them on projects. Oh, and before you finish reading this article, you would be wise to know that you will have a play in scripting videos sometime during your journey, which is a job easier said than done. Apart from spending money just on video equipment on rent, take a few basic paid courses in storytelling, storyboarding and filmmaking to learn the fundamentals and get your act right from the start. 

Get professional help (for free)

Trust us on this one. You will hit a point where you will not find rapid growth unless you learn the craft from the craft-masters, of course. And there are a range of ways to meet if you choose to take a few extra steps to find them. Not very far from you are creative-based meet-ups where directors, cinematographers and novices like you meet to talk about their experiences, share tips, and help each other. There are multiple public forums online and affordable conferences (or that one main conference you can spend a couple of thousands on) that you shouldn’t miss being part of. Meetup.com’s film groups in Bengaluru are a great way to start building a network. While you pitch your services and learn from others, you could find good deals to rent camera equipment in Bangalore from vendor services as well.

As we listed out the incredible ways you could use to build your video production skill, you must know that the market is booming and is looking for differentiated video services. But since it is relatively easy to build a business and sustain it over the years, the competition is heavy, and rapid improvements in equipment technology along with changes in filmmaking techniques could prove detrimental to your long-term growth. Therefore, be frugal in your approach, belief in lean management for running a business, use platforms like  OTO World to rent video equipment in Bangalore or DSLR cameras for rent in Bangalore for all your video shoot requirements. Find a specific market opportunity in the filmmaking or video service space to fill and master. That way, you will master what no one else is doing and become the leader of that space.

OTO World is a platform that offers online camera rentals in Bangalore with an incredible range of products needed for a host of film and still-photography requirements. Drop us a line for your upcoming project and we could have something to deliver better outcomes for your project.






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